Immigrating to the USA - Writing Test

lundi 23 février 2015, par Rosselin.

Here are some useful links to help you define your character for the coming writing test.

# Step 1 : Define your character
What country do you live in ?
In your suitcase.
Reasons for leaving.
Reasons for immigrating in the USA

# Step 2 : On board.
The Boat Ride, and here , here or here.
Video here.

# Step 3 : Arriving in America : discovering Ellis Island.
Ellis Island Official website here.
History website.
The Eye Exam.
Changing name.
Video 1.
Video 2.
Video 3.

# Step 4 : Where do you live ? Where do you work ?, What are cities like ? - give examples and explanations.
Living conditions in NYC.
City life in the 1900s.