• Halloween Riddles

    20 octobre 2015, par courteille

    Have fun with these Halloween riddles written by the 6e. Will you guess who it is about ?
    I have 8 legs, I live in old houses I’m an animal Who am I ? by Elie P.
    Children love me. Who am I ? by Martin G.
    I’m white People can’t see me. I live in a haunted house. Who am I ? by Anaïck S.
    I eat mice I’m black I can’t bear dogs. Who am I ? by Pierre-Louis L.
    I hate cats I am black I love cheese Who am I ? by Jeanne L.
    I live in a pumpkin I have two eyes and one mouth. My head is orange. Who am I ? by Mathieu G.
    I can fly with my wings, I sleep upside down in the rooftops. I am soft and fury. Who am (...)

  • Séjour linguistique Londres 2015

    19 juin 2015, par M Guêné

    Accompagnés par le soleil toute la semaine, les 5e ont effectué un périple Londonien afin de s’immerger dans la culture anglo-saxonne.
    En passant par de haut lieux touristiques britanniques tel que le Globe, le British muséum, le stade d’Arsenal, la tour de Londres, Covent Garden et Camdem town les 5e se sont immergés dans « le Bristish way of life »
    En voici quelques illustrations.
    M Guêné

  • Learn English

    23 février 2015, par Rosselin

    How to learn English...

  • Immigrating to the USA - Writing Test

    23 février 2015, par Rosselin

    Here are some useful links to help you define your character for the coming writing test.
    # Step 1 : Define your character What country do you live in ? In your suitcase. Reasons for leaving. Reasons for immigrating in the USA
    # Step 2 : On board. The Boat Ride, and here , here or here. Video here.
    # Step 3 : Arriving in America : discovering Ellis Island. Ellis Island Official website here. History website. The Eye Exam. Changing name. Video 1. Video 2. Video 3.
    # Step 4 : Where do you live ? Where do you work ?, What are cities like ? - give examples and explanations. Living conditions in (...)

  • 3e : Picture Presentation

    22 mai 2014, par Rosselin

    As said in class,you’ll find here useful worksheets to get ready for next year.
    Let’s start with these two street artworks that some of you have to present and describe for next time.
    The first picture is untitled but it deals with the Apartheid in South Africa (I hope this rings a bell !) . It was created by the famous American artist Keith Haring.
    The second one is called In Situ VII and was created by the French artist Ernest Pignon Ernest in 2002 and it was displayed in the streets of Soweto, Durban and Warwick. I hope this one rings a bell too !
    You’ll find here a useful worksheet (...)

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